Medical Conditions: Different medical conditions, like skin allergies around the eye, and eye infections can lead to scratchy eyes. The conjunctiva contains many small and fragile blood vessels that can easily get ruptured. In case of excessive bleeding in the brain, the person gets haemorrhagic strokes. Nevertheless, minor abrasions are known to heal within 2 – 3 days after the initiation of treatment. The proper functioning of this lacrimal apparatus ensures the wellness of eyes. It is essential to get in touch with an eye specialist if you have red eyes because if the redness is due to high blood pressure and if it is left untreated, a severe condition called hypertensive retinopathy may occur. In order to rule out other health conditions, the doctor may also study the symptoms and medical history of the patient. As we have observed, red eyes are mostly developed due to fatigue, allergens and exposure to other environmental factors.

In case of any underlying disease, you have to get it treated. However, infections could occur as the users may swallow tobacco juices. The heart has to work harder, and this puts the users at an increased risk of heart problems. This article discusses what are broken capillaries, how are they caused, and how they can be treated. Burst blood vessels in the eye is usually not a major medical condition, and can occur without any injury to the eye. These measures may soothe the eyes and alleviate the pain and swelling.

subconjunctival hemorrhage